Controlling weeds in your lawn and landscaped areas - all in a day's work for us


The best defense is a strong offense.

Weeds are lazy, they don't want to have to compete with a thick lush lawn for sunlight, soil contact, and moisture.  Most weeds prefer thinned out lawns as it's just easier.  So, the big picture goal is to thicken the lawn and get it fully healthy with the right mix of grass seed so weeds don't have much of a chance.  We have had many customers start with a lawn that was 50% weeds, and 50% grass.  Within two seasons, their lawns are 100% grass and we are only left to spot treat any weeds that may appear.  We can do the same for you in a fully organic means as well!

So what's the plan?

Step 1: Assess your lawn for current condition
Step 2: Assess why the lawn is in its current condition
Step 3: Determine priorities for correction, i.e. start with weed control applications, cultural changes to turf, or incorporating new seed or soil amendments
Step 4: Depending on the lawn's unique condition, a combination of the above will then occur in the order deemed necessary
Step 5: Monitor results towards desired goal of a thick lawn which is the natural way to control weeds

How do we start?

Simply contact us for a free consultation.  From there we will give you our suggestions and complete pricing with no hidden fees or surprises.  If you're a DIY kind of person, we'll even tell you what to go buy.  We've been fertilizing and controlling weeds in the Hinsdale area for 15 years and can provide you with an honest assessment and realistic expectations, and ultimately the results you want.
For weeds in your landscaped areas - contact us for the most appropriate control and prevention solutions as we will have to view the areas in need of help.