Actual home in Downers Grove using our program
Photo taken on March 19, 2012 - This demonstrates the dramatic early green up our program delivers

Elite Lawn Service's Organic Fertilization Program
Our program is built around understanding your lawn's needs by pulling a core sample, then using organic fertilizers and soil amendments that derive all their nitrogen from organic sources.  There are many benefits to using this type of program, such as:
  • Slower release of the nutrients
  • No chance of providing lawn with too much nitrogen and causing summer patch diseases 
  • Natural thatch reduction
  • Enhanced soil recomposition effects and assists with reducing compaction
  • No high levels of salts as found in synthetic nitrogen fertilizers 
  • No blanket applications of herbicides with each application 
  • Provides long lasting, dark green color to the turf
  • Thickens existing Kentucky Blue Grass, making lawn less susceptible to weeds
  • SAFE for Children, Pets, and anyone else who wants to enjoy their lawn

For broad leaf weed control, if desired, we will spot treat with the safest herbicide available today with the end goal being a healthy and thick lawn is the best defense against weeds.  Please note, if you can't handle the site of any weeds, anytime, this program is not for you as we do not do blanket applications of weed control five times per season.  We will eliminate weeds with a strategy built around your lawn and it's current level of care.

To provide the lawn with the appropriate amount of nitrogen throughout the year, we suggest between 3 and 5 applications.  We will discuss what is best for your lawn after pulling a core sample and reviewing the existing grass types and current lawn condition.

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Go Green.  Literally.  Green up your lawn and the environment!