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Fall Clean-up 

  • The fall clean-up includes clearing all leaves from all grass, landscaped, bedding, and patio areas and cutting back of all annuals and perennials per your requests.  We do not clean window wells deeper than 3 feet deep.  We do not and cannot clean gutters
  • If you are not signed up for a fall clean-up, we will not collect or manage your leaves during October mowing visits unless you agree to a fee of $6.00 per can of leaves hauled during each mowing visit
  • Unless you are on the prepay deluxe program, or your contract price states otherwise, there is a $6.00 per can of leaves hauled
  • If you are not signed up for a fall clean-up, we cannot provide extra labor for leaf management during fall, we simply mow over them
  • The final fall clean-up will be performed in November.  If leaves end up back on the property after the clean-up, we can provide a slight discount on a time and materials basis for a second visit
  • We cannot control wind and your neighbors' leaves, therefore we are not responsible for leaves blowing back onto your lawn after our clean-up is performed.  See above line item for a second visit
Spring Clean Up
This is typically performed in late March or April and its purpose is to remove all debris in the lawn and landscape that may have built up from the winter.  Our standard spring clean-ups include:
  • Removing all leaves and debris from landscaped areas, bedding and garden areas, and lawn areas
  • Raking grass to remove embedded leaves if needed
  • Cutting back any perennials from the previous year
  • Removing any annuals from the previous year
  • Inspecting the lawn area for any common over winter turf diseases or problems
  • OPTIONAL Shovel Edging of all beds, tree rings, and landscaped areas (this is not included in basic Spring Clean-up price)
  • OPTIONAL Trimming of hedges (this is not included in basic spring clean-up price)

Did you know - A spring clean up is the best way to prepare your lawn and landscape for summer