For those who desire neat, manicured, and weed free landscaped areas, we offer our Annual Bedding Program
This program includes the following:
  • Two trenching / shovel edging visits of all beds and landscaped areas (first visit typically performed with Spring Clean-up, second visit in July)
  • Three hand weeding visits of all beds and landscaped areas
  • Post emergence weed control as needed throughout the season in all beds and landscaped areas to insure they stay weed free
  • If you are a new customer using the program, please understand there will be weeds in your landscaped areas this spring from previous years, we will do our best to eradicate them as soon as possible
  • If you DO NOT want any weed control products used, please understand you will always have some weeds in your beds in between the four hand weeding visits as the root system will always be present 
  • This program is billed in six equal installments from April through September
  • If you do not want the full program, we can offer single visits at an hourly crew labor rate

Did you know... Pulling most weeds by hand simply helps them propagate even faster as it severs their rhizome root structure forcing new growth.  That's why we include post emergence control products in our program.