We use the right size mower for your lawn
We do not use huge Stand-On mowers, we use small mowers for small lawns

Weekly Mowing Program - We uuse ONLY push mowers, and we use SMALL WALK BEHIND MOWERS for small lawns.
Our weekly mowing program is designed for homeowners who desire a reliable and hassle free mowing solution.  As a mowing client, you will receive the following:
  • A reserved weekly time slot on the same day each week for your mowing (unless we are backed up from rain) 
  • A trained crew that has been with Elite Lawn Services in Hinsdale for 15 years
  • Use of fully maintained and newer equipment
  • Use of only walk behind mowers, no heavy ride-on or stand-on machines
  • For small lawns, use of Toro 30" and  21" push mowers
  • Our blades are sharpened daily to insure a clean cut and no tearing of the grass
  • We alternate the pattern every week (where possible) to avoid rutting of the lawn
  • We line trim around all landscaping, fences, sidewalks, obstacles, etc.
  • We blow off all clippings and debris from driveways, walkways, patios, etc. when finished
  • Depending on conditions, the crew will bag the grass or side discharge.  NOTE - There is a $3.00 charge per can of clippings hauled
We pride ourselves on outstanding workmanship and customer communication and currently service over 350 residential accounts in the Hinsdale area.

We only accept weekly mowing clients.  We do not do every other week, "on-demand" mowing, or allow regular cancellations as we hold a reserved slot for each client.  

Did you know... We never use heavy stand on or ride on mowers as they will eventually cause rutting in your lawn and they are simply too big for most residential homes.