We've formed a partnership with a local Realtor, Lisa Lockerby with the Hinsdale @ Properties office who is a Five Star rated 20 year expert in our service area.  Our partnership provides the following value and benefits:
  • We will provide a free lawn and landscape analysis with suggestions for enhancing curb appear quickly and cost efficiently 
  • We can provide dramatic discounts on pre-market curb appeal packages (weeding, floral install, new mulch, etc.)
  • We can assist with addressing any landscape issues that may impede a sale
  • We can provide priority scheduling for your home for any needed services while it is on the market
  • We can provide pre-open house lawn and landscape inspections to insure curb appeal is at it's highest
  • If you're buying a home, we can give you discounts on a mowing / landscape package upon closing

To learn more about Lisa Lockerby and this program, click here!