Please understand these 2020 dates are all tentative based on weather. This schedule is a GUIDELINE.


For the week starting May 25, 2020, we are currently: AHEAD of schedule  


 March 13 - Spring clean-ups started (If you had a fall clean-up pushed into spring of 2020, you are FIRST on our clean up list and most likely already completed yours).  Shovel Edging of beds occurs with the spring clean-up IF you have signed up for that additional service.  We will have ALL contracted (as of March 16) clean ups completed before the end of March.

Mid March - Applications of organic fertilizer started and will be completed by March 21.

Late March - Weed inhibitors in the beds will be applied if you have requested this service. 

April 1 - Later sign-up spring clean-ups continue, Mulch begins.

April 15 - Weekly mowing begins depending on weather and turf conditions

Early June - Organically based fertilizer application with micro nutrients, iron, and soil amendments

Mid June - Hedge trimming to begin and go through mid July