Please understand these dates are all tentative based on weather.  We do (and currently are) get backed up in rain and or wet conditions, so if you had a job scheduled for a certain day and it rained a day or two before, your job will be delayed.  This schedule is a GUIDELINE.

March 31 - Fertilizer application #1 (fertilizer with crab grass control) to begin with target completion by April 25 (assuming you signed up earlier)

March 31 - Spring clean-ups, trenching, and weed inhibitor applications to begin - these are ongoing through May

April 1 - Mulch installation to begin - this is ongoing through mid June

April 24 - Weekly mowing service to begin

May 5 - Broad leaf weed spray, Aerations, Seeding to begin and go through May 21

June 10 - Hedge trimming to start and go through mid July