We service Downers Grove (north of 59th St), Westmont, Clarendon Hills, and Hinsdale.  If you're not in these areas we can give you a trusted referral

Need a 2019 quote or proposal?  All our estimates and consultations are free with zero obligation.  Need a referral?  We most likely perform services for one of your immediate neighbors right on your street!

With Elite Lawn Service you are not forced into an ongoing / auto renewing complex contract, just select as few or as many services as you want, you can cancel at any time, and at the end of the season the service ends.  Either party may end the service at any time for any reason with a simple email.

2019 Minimum Starting Prices: Mowing $32 per visit (we do NOT do every other week, one time mows, or on demand mowing), Mulch $100 per yard installed ($400 minimum), Spring clean-up $250 minimum, Hedge trimming $200 minimum, Organic Fertilizer Application $60 minimum, Hourly misc rate $55.00 per man hour.  The price listed on the quote sheet is the price, we do not haggle or negoatiate.  

We offer - Weekly mowing, Organic Fertilization, Spring / Fall Clean-ups, Shovel Edging, Mulch, Hedge Trimming, On-Demand Weeding.  We have referrals for landscape, tree work, and chemical applications (we only do organic)  

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