We are proud to be a very small company with no intention of getting "big".  We know every customer by name and we know their lawn as if it's our own, because we treat each lawn as if it is our own.  Because we choose to stay a very small company, we typically have very limited capacity for new mowing clients. We will let you know immediately if we can accommodate you.  Please also understand if you are looking for the lowest price or a "deal", we are not who you want.  We provide quality and customer service, we are not the low cost provider.  

Our 2020 mowing routes are at capacity.  We are only accepting new clients for our Organically Based Fertilizer Program.  If you are referral or an immediate neighbor of a current client and need mowing, please contact us so we can determine if we can accommodate you.

We service ONLY Downers Grove (north of 59th St), Westmont, Clarendon Hills, and Hinsdale.  If you're not in these areas we can give you a trusted referral

With Elite Lawn Service you are not forced into an ongoing / auto renewing complex contract, just select as few or as many services as you want, either party can cancel at any time for any reason with a simple email being sent, and at the end of the season the service ends - no surpises with the dreaded auto-renewing contracts! 

We offer - Weekly mowing, Spring / Fall Clean-ups, Shovel Edging, Mulch, Hedge Trimming, On-Demand Weeding, Organically Based Fertilizer

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