Since 1999 we've been providing lawn mowing and maintenance in the Hinsdale area. Here's why over 250 of your neighbors choose Elite:    

  • Reputable - PERFECT 5/5 stars Angie's List, 4.5/5 stars Google, A+ BBB (or ask us for a referral!)
  • Small - We're a smaller company by design, thus better able to focus on our customers more individually
  • Focused - We focus 100% on only what we do best - mowing, clean-ups, mulch, hedging, and trenching
  • Easy to do business with, we make lawn care simple and customized with no auto renewing contracts
  • Small Lawn Specialists - We NEVER use stander/rider mowers, we use smaller mowers for smaller lawns 
  • Reliable - Showing up on schedule every time (weather permitting), and informing you ahead of time of delays
  • Knowledgeable - Our employees average 19 years experience and truly love what they do (they really do!)
  • Employee Focused - We pay our employees a true living wage and they share in the profits
  • Insured - NEVER hire a lawn company without insurance as you're exposed to their liability (Beware of the lowball quote)
If you're tired of wheel ruts in your lawn, divots from turning mowers, damaged fence gates, and huge stand on mowers that weigh a half ton compacting your lawn, give us a try, we are The Small Lawn Experts using small mowers!

We are currently: AHEAD of schedule on all our contracted clean-up work and other services